Hi, I’m Mitchel

a dedicated Game Lead and Designer who thrives on creating immersive gaming experiences. With a combination of technical programming skills and a deep understanding of player need, I’ve successfully led and executed over 100 updates for the popular indie MMORPG, Adventure Quest 3D

Early on

I started my journey when I was 5 years old in my grandparents basement. My uncle showed me Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis. We would spend hours and hours playing games together. I knew quickly after that I wanted to give other people similar experiences. I wanted to bring people together and let them have great times with friends and family so I taught myself to code when I was 11. No barrier was too tall for me and that natural drive and problem solving has lead me to where I am today.


I am now the Game Lead of a cross platform MMORPG, Adventure Quest 3D. Despite my relatively short time in the industry, my ambition, attention to detail, and drive to push the boundaries led me an amazing position on an amazing team. This doesn’t mean I left my designer roots behind. Nearly every day I am still in the engine designing, implementing, and testing new features and making sure that what we are doing is always focused on giving the best user experience we can.