What is Adventure Quest 3D?

Adventure Quest 3D is an Indie Cross-Platform MMORPG made by Artix Entertainment. It is my current project where I started as a gameplay engineer and worked my way up to becoming a co-lead of the project. The game is available on Steam, IOS, and Android.

Tutorial Overhaul

The intro is one of the most important parts of the game and as such, extra care is needed when designing it. As I was designing the flow, I wanted to make sure the player always knew what to do and how to do it, without ever feeling overwhelmed. Every quest, NPC, enemy, attack, and interactable is there with intention to teach the player something.


Samurai was the first player class I designed from start to finish. This was also where I adopted the “Player should feel like they are cheating” philosophy in our PvE game. I wanted to make gameplay that optimized for “pop off moments”. When people did their rotation I wanted it to feel exciting and fun and based on the numbers, Samurai was extremely successful. (Also I had a ton of fun making this super low budget trailer with another coworker)


There were a few problems plaguing the game more potently than a lackluster loot experience, and gold being non-valuable. To solve these issues, I took inspiration from Terraria and Diablo, adding something called Augments. Whenever a player looted an item, it had a chance to have an augment which would increase its stats in some way. There were a bunch of different rarities of augments that did different things, and you could reroll augments in town using gold. The reception has been great and community content creators have loved covering it.

PVP Update

The PvP update was one of our most ambitious updates to date. It included a whole new game mode which we’d never done, a new map, new UI, new rewards systems, a queueing system, and more! It was a ton of fun to design taking into consideration mobile and PC players, average play times, and the PvE audience we have. It ended up being very successful and we were able to take a lot of the things we developed for this and apply it to other areas as well, such as queueing.